Peter Corbett

Big Brother 2002, also known as Big Brother 2, was the second series of the Australian reality television series Big Brother Australia. The season started on 8 April 2002, and ended on 1 July 2002, lasting 85 days. Big Brother 2002 was similar to the first series Big Brother 2001, and was the only one to use the same house from a previous series, albeit with some small modifications. Simultaneous with the main house was a house of six potential Intruders. A number of television specials allowed viewers to get to know the intruders and viewers were able to vote which three eventually went into the house.
A close relationship formed between Nathan Martin and Jessica Hardy who later got married after leaving the show. Their wedding plans and the ceremony were showcased in television special Marty & Jess: An Outback Wedding. The couple separated in late 2005. The Australian rock band Killing Heidi entered the house for a special surprise birthday party for Jess. During an Eviction, a 25-year-old male ran naked onto the stage and was subsequently fined $100 in court. The reserved Peter Corbett won the $250,000 first prize, with Marty coming second.

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