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Heroic toddler lifts ladder to save grandmother

This toddler was playing badminton with his grandmother on the 20th of December in Wenzhou, China. The shuttlecock became stuck on an archway leading his granny to climb a ladder to get it back. Luckily, the heroic toddler was able to lift the ladder and get her back down safely.

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Father designs toy flamethrower for his kids

Incredible footage shows two children from Prince Edward Island, Canada playing with what at first glance appears to be a flamethrower. The device was created by their father Daniel who works in animation and combines a leaf blower and colored silk. He even took it a step further, throwing in some visual effects for extra wow factor.

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EU plans anti-money laundering agency in wake of scandals

The EU says it will set up a stand-alone agency to crack down on money laundering across Europe where major banks have been hit by a wave of dirty money scandals. Many cases have involved northern countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Finland with a reputation for playing by the rules, but criminal gangs and terrorism are also a central …

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