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Populists win Polish election, expand majority: exit poll

Supporters of Jarosław Kaczyński celebrate the PiS victory at party headquarters as Poland's incumbent right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party won a general election in Poland on Sunday, expanding its majority, according to an exit poll by the Ipsos institute. IMAGES

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Polls open in deeply divided Poland

Poles began voting on Sunday in a polarising election which the governing populists look set to win on the back of welfare measures and attacks on LGBT rights, but their majority is at risk, giving opposition parties a narrow chance to snatch power. IMAGES

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Fernando Alonso test in Poland with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing

Fernando Alonso completed a successful two-day training in the Toyota Hilux on September 2-3 in Szczecin, Poland covering 700 kilometres, including sections used by the recently-concluded Baja Poland. The training course featured a variety of sand tracks, hard and soft soil, and bumpy terrain developed by rally raid specialists and …

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TOYOTA GAZOO Racing Test in Poland – Interview Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso has completed a successful two-day training with the Toyota Hilux, on September 2 and 3, in Szczecin (Poland), covering more than 700 kilometers, including some sections of the recently concluded Lower Poland. Alonso's new tests with the Toyota Hilux of the Dakar were carried out on a variety …

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