Stellar Phoenix

The Stellar Guild series is a series published by Phoenix Pick, the science fiction and fantasy imprint of Arc Manor Publishers. Mike Resnick is the series editor.
Each book in the series pairs an established author with a newer or less well known author of the veteran author’s choice.
The series was announced in July 2011 with the first book expected to be published by the fall of that year. The first pairing features Kevin J. Anderson with Steven Savile. Each is contributing a new story specifically written for the series.
Kevin J. Anderson has over 23 million copies of his books in print with over 45 bestsellers.
Additional authors to sign on to the project are bestselling fantasy author Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint. Eric Flint is the original author of 1632 which spawned a whole series and community based on the alternate history created in the original book.
The series aims to help introduce lesser known authors to a wider audience by pairing them up with bestsellers who have an established fan base. It also provides newer writers another much needed venue to sell their short fiction at SFWA approved rates.
The first book in the series was released on November 22, 2011. It is a ‚team-up‘ between Kevin J. Anderson and Steven Savile, each writing a complementary story set in the same universe.

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