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The new Hyundai Ioniq Highlights

Hyundai Motor is launching comprehensive connectivity and design enhancements for the new IONIQ, the latest edition of its revolutionary eco-friendly model. As of its launch in 2016, IONIQ was the world's first car planned from the start to offer three electrified powertrains - hybrid, plug-in hybrid and full electric. The …

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‚Superbad‘: The Actors Today – Part 2

Twelve years after it's release, Superbad still remains to be one of the most comedic, yet raunchy movies of its time. In this part 2 series, we'll show you what became of the actors in this masterpiece of a film in the video above!

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Porsche Carrera GT recommissioned

"With the 612 hp, 10-cylinder V-engine derived from a Formula 1 engine, the racy design and, last but not least, the incomparable driving experience, the Porsche Carrera GT is still a milestone in the world of supercars. For a collector in the US, Porsche Classic has now fundamentally revised a …

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Unter Palmen: Felix von Jascheroff hat wieder „Ja“ gesagt!

Felix von Jascheroff (37) badet im absoluten Liebesglück! Im September 2017 gab der GZSZ-Darsteller seiner Liebsten Bianca still und heimlich das Jawort. Knapp zwei Jahre später erneuerten sie jetzt ihr Ehegelübde – und das in paradiesischer Kulisse auf den Malediven. Das verkündete der 37-Jährige jetzt überglücklich auf Instagram: "Jep, wir …

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Researchers Create First Robot That Mimics Human Balance

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the first robot capable of mimicking human balance. The bot is still in its early stages, but the machine's developers eventually aim to deploy it in disaster zones that may be too difficult or dangerous for humans to enter.

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