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TV Series Stars Who Look Completely Different In Real Life

There's something so mysterious about actors and what they're actually like outside of their character roles! So many have to leave the glamorous makeup at home and opt for a look that's more average during their television productions. Check out the video above to see which stars shocked us from …

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8 Facts About Netflix Hottie Noah Centineo

You have to admit, not all former Disney stars make the successful switch from children's television to Netflix exclusive superstar. If you want to know how it's done, you should ask Noah Centineo for some advice. He seems to be doing everything right... 

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‚NCIS‘ Star Mark Harmon: Private Facts About The Actor

Mark Harmon has been the leading man over the last 17 seasons of NCIS. His character has shaped the television series into the success it is today. As he just turned 68 years old, the actor has certainly lived a prosperous life, both in his personal and career life. Check …

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