The Universal Integrated Circuit Card is the smart card used in mobile terminals in GSM and UMTS networks. The UICC ensures the integrity and security of all kinds of personal data, and it typically holds a few hundred kilobytes. With the advent of more services, the storage space will need to be larger.
Note: the official definition for UICC is found in ETSI TR 102 216 where it is defined as a „smart card that conforms to the specifications written and maintained by the ETSI Smart Card Platform project“. In addition, the definition has a note that states that „UICC is neither an abbreviation nor an acronym.“
In a GSM network, the UICC contains a SIM application and in a UMTS network it is the USIM application. A UICC may contain several applications, making it possible for the same smart card to give access to both GSM and UMTS networks, and also provide storage of a phone book and other applications. It is also possible to access a GSM network using a USIM application and it is possible to access UMTS networks using a SIM application with mobile terminals prepared for this.

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