Opel Zafira-e Life Charging demo

Opel will offer the Zafira-e Life in three lengths, each tailor-made to customer requirements and available with up to nine seats. The Opel Zafira-e Life “Small” competes with compact vans but offers considerably more room and space for up to nine occupants – unrivalled in this class. It also features a narrow turning circle (only 11.3m), good handling and two sensor-controlled sliding doors that open electrically with a movement of the foot – unique in this market segment. The Zafira-e Life “Medium” (likewise the Zafira-e Life “L”) has a 35cm longer, 3.28m wheelbase and thus more legroom for the rear passengers, which makes it a competitor of midsize vans in the D market segment. Compared with the competition, the Opel also features a larger tailgate and easier access for loading/unloading. With a luggage capacity of around 4,500 litres, the Zafira-e Life “Large” is a rival for even bigger vans. There is also an electric parking brake that can be comfortably applied or released with just one finger.

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