Production of the Volkswagen ID.3 starts in Zwickau

The Zwickau plant is a key element in the most comprehensive electric offensive in the automotive industry. Volkswagen is the very first volume automaker to entirely convert a large vehicle plant from 100 percent internal combustion engines to 100 percent e-mobility. All in all, Volkswagen is investing about €1.2 billion in the conversion of this location. In the final expansion stage from 2021, up to 330,000 electric vehicles per year will roll off the production lines here, some 30,000 vehicles more than previously. Zwickau will therefore be Europe’s largest and most efficient electric car plant. The ID.3 “made in Zwickau” will also make a significant contribution to climate protection. It will not only operate with zero local emissions but will also be produced with a neutral carbon balance. This will make the ID. 3 a trailblazer on the road to clean, sustainable mobility.


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