Seat – The art of robot whispering

432,500 dollars. That was the winning bid made for a portrait painted by an algorithm at New York’s Christie’s auction house. The artwork “Portrait of Edmond de Belamy” is just one of the latest examples of how technology and artificial intelligence are making their way into an activity, art, which until now was thought to be strictly the domain of humans. But there’s more, including the humanoid AI-DA, the world’s first robot artist, or the AGLAE, a particle accelerator working in the Louvre Museum, and… the robot whisperer. This is the name given to Madeline Gannon, an artist, researcher and lecturer in a Masterclass by SEAT at the SONAR+D. She took advantage of her trip to Barcelona to visit the SEAT factory in Martorell, where she whispered to the 2,000 robots that function 24 hours non-stop, and which are identical to those that interact with her in the work she carries out.


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