The legacy of the Lamborghini Countach in a video series

In its celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Countach, Automobili Lamborghini is launching a series of four videos on its social media channels. Every Monday they will recount the legacy of an automotive icon in an unprecedented manner, by involving inspirational personalities. The first is Marcello Gandini, the designer behind the futuristic lines of this super car, created in a unique era when the stylistic and technical freedom of designers of those days was all but absolute, with very few regulatory and statutory restrictions. That period of the 1970s was one of ultimate creativity, one of the most important moments for design. These years shaped important social conquests, from the space race and the advent of high tech with the construction of modern computers, to the geometric pattern fashion trends with their explosion of bright colors and the advent of individualism and the jet age. Ending up on the walls of the bedrooms of an entire generation and playing a major role in dozens of films, the Countach depicted much more than a clamorous, commercial success. While still in production, it was able to play the role of a style and performance icon by rightfully winning space in the annals of world automotive history.

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