The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City 75 Interior Design

The Mercedes‑Benz Sprinter City 75 is the pride of the Mercedes‑Benz minibuses for regular-service bus routes. This is illustrated not only by the asymmetrical body design and the distinctive wheelbase, but also by the paint finish of the test vehicle, including its attachments, in „“Argentum Metallic““. Passengers enter the passenger compartment through a double-wing, electrically operated outward swivelling door behind the front axle. Like the single-wing rear door, it is powered by the twelve-volt technology of the Sprinter. The passenger compartment has a low-entry design. The „“Waves Nazare““ designer floor covering of the test vehicle has a friendly look and is simultaneously also easy to clean. Two very shallow steps in front of the rear axle lead to the seating area in the rear.

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