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Toyota Hilux at Driving event in Namibia

Featuring unique exterior and interior design enhancements, the new Toyota Hilux is available as either a Mid or High grade specification Double Cab or a Mid grade Extra Cab. Bespoke exterior components finished in Black and Dark Grey include the front upper grille surround, fog lamp bezel and under-run, the door and tailgate handles, the door mirror covers and the rear bumper corners and under-run. In addition, Western European models showcase two-tone, machined face 18" alloy wheels, while those for Eastern Europe feature exclusive all-black 18" alloys. On board, the new Toyota pick-up features a unique, all-black interior, the quality of which is reinforced by chrome instrument panel detailing, and piano black inserts on the dashboard and door trim, as well as on the steering wheel, gear lever and gear shift surround. The driver's instrument binnacle showcases a striking dial design with a white background, and a central TFT screen displaying a dedicated Hilux signature animation when the ignition is switched on. Even the key is model-specific, featuring a silhouette sketch of the vehicle's frontal design.

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