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Volkswagen Golf 8 Production

Volkswagen is starting the production of the new Golf 8 at its plant in Wolfsburg, Germany. VW explains the new Golf has more than 2,700 individual parts and a total of 962 wiring systems (31 more than the outgoing car) with an impressive 1,340 meters (4,396 feet) of cable or just under 100 meters (328 feet) more than before. Interestingly, the car travels a whopping 69 kilometers (43 miles) starting if we take into account the delivery of the steel sheet until the actual finished product exits the factory. Following multiple revisions to the factory in Wolfsburg, VW says the plant is now 40% more productive than before despite the fact the Golf 8 is labeled as being “much more complex” than the model it replaces. The average manufacturing time has been cut by approximately one hour and the production investments have been significantly reduced since the next generation rides on an evolution of the existing MQB platform rather than being a new car from the ground up. That has allowed the company to use 80% of the existing body shop plant and associated equipment on the new car without making changes, except for the new tools required for the side panels where the car will feature a “striking tornado line.”

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