Volkswagen Multivan Driving Video

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles launches the New Multivan completely from scratch on the market. The technological leap is revolutionary. For the first time, the Multivan’s propulsion and electronic systems are based on the transverse modular platform MQB. With the MQB Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles provides the Bulli with a new range of technical innovations. Never before has a Multivan been more flexible, networked and environmentally friendly. For the first time, a Plug-in Hybrid joins the engine range: the New Multivan eHybrid becomes a zero-emission vehicle for the city and, at the same time, masters long journeys to more distant destinations. A new stage of development of the most modern assistance systems, control operation and infotainment, also enriches comfort and safety and, for the first time, allows partially automated driving. The best Multivan of all time carries a special automotive lifestyle into the era of modernity. The Van combines the ingenious use of space and intelligent detail solutions with the iconic and captivating design DNA of the Bulli. The market launch will take place from the end of 2021.

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