Hyundai NEXO cleans over 900kg of air during clean driving month

Hyundai has revealed that the NEXO has cleaned more than 900kg (918.75kg) of air on London roads during Clean Driving Month. That is the same amount of air that 1 adult breathes in 60 days or 1,455 adults breathe in one hour. The brand-new next generation hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle took to the streets of London across 31 days culminating in a weekend where the public had the opportunity to get behind the wheel. With a total of 350 miles driven overall, the car – which actually cleans the air as it drives – was driven along London’s dirtiest driving route throughout the month. The route was mapped in partnership with University College London who reviewed open source data from a King’s College London pollution study to look at Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels and Particulate Matter (PM) levels with particularly congested roads including Marylebone Road and Park Lane.

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