„We’re child-free so we can prioritise experiences“

A couple are child-free so they can prioritise experiences over everything – and say they don’t want to „miss out“ on adventures by having kids. Helene Sula, 36, and her husband, Michael, 36, are intentionally child-free and consider themselves as DINKS – which stands for ‚dual income no kids‘. The couple grew up Catholic in Dallas, Texas, US, and after getting married had considered children as the next step. But they realised they didn’t want to „miss out“ on experiences after going to Tomorrowland festival. Helene and Michael, who run a travel blog together, didn’t have a „calling“ for children and said it didn’t feel „right“ to have them for the sake of it. Instead their child-free lifestyle has enabled them to live in Germany, the US, and the UK and visit 56 countries and counting. Helene, a travel blogger, currently living in Oxford, said: “We’re in an incredible time where we can do what we want in life. “We’re living the dream. „We prioritise experiences over everything else.“ Helene and Michael met in high school and got married aged 24 in 2011 and had always thought having kids would be the next step. But after going to Tomorrowland festival in July 2012, they realised they didn’t necessarily see children in their future. Helene said: “We thought ‘there is so much more that we’re missing out on‘.” Helene started a travel blog and grew it after a climbing injury stopped her from working her job in marketing and PR. The couple decided to move to Germany in 2016 – and travelled around Europe. Helene said: “We were missing out on kids but there is so much to explore. “There is no wrong or right way. “I had thought I wanted to have kids at a younger age but reset my framework and realised that’s not for me.” The couple love the “spontaneity” they have to go on dates nights or go away last minute. Michael said: “We met up with our friends in Croatia with a four-month-old and they hadn’t been on a date night in a year. “I feel raising children is one of the most important things you can do in life. “It’s such a selfless thing to do. “You have to be certain you want one. “I never felt strongly that way. “I don’t feel a calling to be a parent and it didn’t feel right to do it as it’s the ‘done thing’.” Helena and Michael moved back to Dallas, Texas, in 2019 and travelled around the US but moved to Oxford, in the UK, in October 2023. They are able to work online while they travel and have visited 56 countries including Iceland, Croatia and Morocco. Helene said: “I want to experience as many places as I can. “It’s never ending.” Helene’s favourite places to visit have been New England, and the Christmas markets in Germany and France. The couple said their family have been supportive but strangers are constantly asking when they are having kids. For now it is something Helene and Michael don’t see in their future but they haven’t completely ruled it out. Michael said: “Some people say not having kids is selfish. “We’re more comfortable with the idea of not having children than we have been. “The life we’re living for me is so much more rewarding.”

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